How Natural Treatment of Acute Gastritis


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Acute ulcer disease also known as peptic ulcers, and not a single disease. Stomach ulcers refers to several conditions that cause inflammation of the stomach.

This inflammation is usually the result of infection by Helicobacter pylori bacteria in the stomach that caused injury. But there are also other factors that can trigger ulcer such as stress and unhealthy lifestyle and irregular eating patterns.

Ulcer disease can be grouped into two, namely functional stomach ulcers and stomach ulcers organic, and the following explanation:

  • Functional Stomach ulcers is a disease that if further examination with binoculars the upper gastrointestinal tract endoscopy that will not be found in anatomical abnormalities.
  • Organic Stomach ulcers is ulcer disease that when examined with the endoscope will be anatomical abnormalities found. For example, there are wounds to the stomach and duodenum and stomach as well as cancer in the digestive organs.

Ulcer disease also has several stages starting from mild to acute to. And if you let it continuously without you doing the treatment, this could lead to stomach cancer.
Here are some steps in ulcer disease:

  • Mild ulcer : Ulcer is still relatively mild stage usually very mild where everyone was at this stage, if the checks would definitely look at the excess stomach acid wall.
  • Maag medium : Ulcer at this stage is causing pain, pain and nausea are very painful.
  • Chronic maag : Chronic ulcer is ulcer that had severe intensity compared with medium ulcer, and the possibility of inflammation or injury can occur in the gastric mucosa.
  • Acute maag : Acute gastritis is the condition in which the stomach is already very severe, and may occur due to the presence of gastric ulcers or infections, and infectious microorganisms.
  • Maag cancer : It is already the most dangerous stage and requires immediate medical attention in particular.

Treating Acute Pain Maag

although ulcer can't recover the total, because it can recur at any time, but this can be overcome ulcer. In addition to using chemical drugs, healing stomach ulcers can also be overcome by using medicinal plants. Here is a traditional herb to treat stomach ulcers:

For how to use it you only need 2 saffron fingers, then peeled and cleaned, shredded and added boiled water, then squeezed through a clean cloth. Then the result is allowed to stand and water is taken. In one day you can drink 2 times, each one herb. Drink it in the morning before eating and at night before bed.

Aloe vera
For how to use aloe vera is made ​​as  gel and from 1 fresh gel of aloe vera leaves is taken for one drink. In one day you just need to drink as much as 2 times and to improve the taste of aloe vera gel that you can add honey to taste. It is not recommended for pregnant women not to consume this herb.

Basil forest
For the way you use it is recommended to consume only fresh basil  forest leaves as a salad every day.

Kaempferia Galanga
For how to use it just by setting up one finger Kaempferia Galanga, then the Kaempferia Galanga washed, peeled and chewed with salt as needed. Had been finely chewed, swallowed Kaempferia Galanga, then drink warm water. This herb can be done 3 times a day.

Grass jelly
For how to use it you only need 1 handful of grass jelly leaves approximately 80 g wet weight. The grass jelly leaves washed and finely ground, then kneaded with water and filtered cooking necessary, given the whiting water as necessary so quickly becomes thick, after clumping eaten with sugar water or syrup. In a day, how can you do this 3 times, each with a cup size of approximately 200 cc.

Well that's a few ways to treat acute ulcer you can do and hopefully useful.

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