Kim Kardashian Slim Back After Childbirth, What The secret?


on Saturday, November 23, 2013 | 15:32

If the previous weight of Kim Kardashian climbed quite a lot when she was pregnant, she suddenly re-appeared with a slimmer body in her Instagram.

The photo  of course sparked a conversation, because four months is a short amount of time to lose 22 pounds of weight after childbirth. For other women only, within four months did not seem to be enough to restore slender body again.

What performed Kim to get a slimmer body back?

Various rumors circulating about this, and of course hurt Kim Kardashian. As a result, she then revealed the secret slim in the mass media.

Kim claimed to back to the ancient diet as long as he stops working, he is also exercising. She eats a diet high in protein, and combining the program with Pilates. With discipline, actually lose weight 22 pounds in four months is not too excessive. If every week she can lose 1-2 pounds, then within 4 months to get back her slimmer indeed.

In fact, pregnant women who had childbirth just automatically lose at least 5 kilos of weight. Babies are conceived and brought water in the stomach will come out and automatically lose weight pregnant women.

Unfortunately, not all women can run a diet program as did Kim, this is what causes many women so jealous because Kim slim body. They did not have a lot of time because they have to take care of the baby alone, working, taking care of the household, so the weight is not a priority.

Colette Heimowitz, VP of the Atkins Nutritional, Inc. gives tips to women who want to lose weight quickly after pregnancy.

According to him, women should really set meal intake to get back the body beautiful. Reducing calorie intake and only consume 1800-2000 calories per day. The rest, exercise to burn calories so that the body does not accumulate in the body.

Food consumed should also be considered, multiply the menu of vegetables, low fat yogurt, fruits, and other foods that are low in calories and fat.

Not hard to lose weight if you can keep the discipline on the program that you follow.

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