How to Treat Dry Cough and phlegm Cough Naturally


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How to Treat Dry Cough and phlegm Cough Naturally - different from each other. Cough with phlegm is a cough accompanied by sputum and usually easy to treat, while the dry cough is a cough without phlegm or mucus so it feels very agonizing sufferers.

How to treat dry cough naturally

Treating dry cough usually requires a fair amount of time. Dry cough itself occurs due to bacteria or germs around the throat causing itching. Here are three ways to overcome dry cough naturally.

1. Adequate rest
Resting is absolutely necessary for all those who are sick, not to mention to you that a dry cough. Adequate rest will give comfort to the throat.

2. Starfruit
unlike other types of star fruit, star fruit has a sour taste very sour. You can mix water of Kaempferia Galanga and honey to make busting concoction dry cough.

3. Lemon
for this one is already no doubt usefulness for treating cough. Take lemon juice and ketchup and mix with warm water. After that drink dry cough that you get better soon.

How to treat a cough with phlegm

Treating cough with phlegm is usually much easier. You can treat a cough with phlegm in the following ways:

1. Drink plenty of water Warm
Drinking warm water is helpful to dilute phlegm so that it can quickly get out of our body.

2. Warm water baths
Warm bath can help warm the body and dilute phlegm.

Those are some ways to overcome dry cough with phlegm and cough. If you suffered a cough that never healed, call your doctor immediately because it could be a symptom of certain diseases.

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