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on Tuesday, October 29, 2013 | 22:47

Diet is one that is often made as a way to Lose Weight. Many different types of diets that have been made to obtain body shape and weight are proportional. many do a strict diet until should be make a diet program. But actually there are other ways to lose weight, that is with water.

Diet with a water actually already been long and many doing in helping the diet program that is being made. "Adults who drink two glasses of water before meals will help to lose weight until approximately 2 pounds," wrote the Daily Mail, Thursday, July 4, 2013. Researchers have reviewed 11 different studies about the relationship of water with a diet. The result, three studies have shown that consuming more water will help increase weight loss

Then how to lose weight with a water? here are some things you can made to lose weight with water :

  1. Make it like taking medicine. Make a schedule and a target amount of water that must be taken on daily. Drink 8 glasses of water a day, for example by making the schedule every 2 hours one glass of water.
  2. Bring a bottle of water wherever you go. By always bring a bottle of drinking water we will be easy and practically when it needs water and drinking schedule that has been created will be run.
  3. Drinking water with a normal temperature. Perhaps, many thought had been drinking warm water better for dieting. But keep in mind the water with a the normal condition is better, because it is more easily absorbed by the body.
  4. Create an alarm to remember drinking water. Perhaps we often forgets because of the activities that we are rarely drinking water. Perhaps one way around that is by setting an alarm on the phone or watch to remind drinking water.

Consumption of drinking water as much 2 liters or 8 glasses a day not just as to diet, but also very good for the body always needs fluids. Water helps keep your metabolism in order to keep it running properly. Good luck.

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