Is Probably Skinny Without Dieting?


on Wednesday, October 30, 2013 | 20:23

Losing weight is one thing that is always desired by almost every person who has excess body weight. Especially the women who want to look beautiful with no excess weight and balanced.

However it turned out not everyone is capable of doing a diet and want to do the diet, then there are several ways you can do to make your weight is more balanced but not by way or any diet program. Then how do I get that skinny body without the diet. 

Here we will discuss some ways to make your body slim without diet or any diet rules.

How to Make Skinny Body Without Dieting In Drinks

1. Consuming green tea

Many benefits that will you Get it in consuming green tea. Green tea can be consumed together with your drinking water every day. Green tea is also a tasteless drink herbal tea without any mixed. Can lower your risk the heart of disease and cancer.

2. Avoid the calorie drinks

Should avoid some types of calorie beverages such as soda water, fruit juices with sugar, and milk. Some of these drinks will make your weight go up without you realizing it. Change these drinks with lots of water and green tea.

3. Frequently to drink water

Water is also one of the water is very beneficial for the body. by consuming lots of water the toxins in your body can get out. Water is also no calories so it will not make your body become obese.

How to Make Skinny Body Without Dieting in activity

There are many other examples to gain weight according with your wishes. But without having to do any diet program. The third addition to the above, there are several things you can do every day to lose weight not a food or drink we consume. among others:

1. Eat with a small plates

Eat with the shape or size of a smaller plate than usual. Because then you will avoid a lot of the amount of food eaten.

2. Avoid eating in front of the television.

Eating in front of the TV with a snack or small meal will increasingly gain weight too without you knowing it. Because it is not directly the amount of calories that enter the body will increasingly especially with the position you are watching television almost like sleeping.

Make skinny body could in every way. Including by way has been mentioned above. Skinny without diet or activity can be done with the food / drink you can and can not consume.

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