Bad Habits Making Diet Failed


on Thursday, October 24, 2013 | 22:06

Many things was do it for lose weight, however all failed to make weight and even increasing. Many things can cause the diet that was running failed. The following some Bad Habits Making Diet Failure that is often done :

The lack of sleep
Lifestyle habits are often active at night or busyness working overtime to make frequent cause someone lack sleep. In one U.S. study says lack of sleep can increase hunger hormone and decrease satiety hormone, so often times feel hunger. In addition to the lack of sleep will make the sleepy and lazy to activity in the daytime. Sleep is the recommended minimum of 8 hours per day

Delaying mealtime
With the busyness reason we often delay the mealtime. Whereas the delaying meals can cause feeling hungry so it is difficult to control the food that will be consumed.

Eat too fast
Often times we ate hasty and fast because of busy work. Eat with the hasty will make us unable to enjoyed the meal. And the most important is the difficulty of digesting fats because chewing too fast. Eat slowly and enjoy, thus will making us faster satisfied.

Lack of movement and snacking
Sitting too long in front of computer or television plus the extremely influential at the diet snacks that are running. Body movements for 2-5 minutes every hour it with easily movements such as swinging the legs and arms. With the movement will helped in burning calories. Also avoid snacks, get rid of all types of food from your desk drawer.

Less drinking water
Shortage of drinking water will cause the dehydration and lack of body fluids and can harm our health. Drink some just enough water, because water can helped digest food and absorb fats.

Excessive exercise
Due to the busyness, cause the only exercising at the weekend only. With a rather - rather burn a lot of calories during the week, cause the excessive exercise. Good exercise routine is done and discipline.

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