Tips for maintain healthy and hygiene Miss V


on Monday, October 28, 2013 | 22:20

Miss V is a very vital part for a woman. Miss V health and hygiene should always be maintained because it is a very vulnerable part. Close up vagina is the way things are often do it by women to return the vaginal muscles that have been slack.
Here are some tips to maintain healthy and hygiene Miss V :

  • Use a cotton panties. Cotton is very good for absorbing sweat and humidity and good for air circulation especially during outdoor activities.
  • During menstruation period, replace the pads every 4-8 hours. It depends on how much blood comes out.
  • Choose the pads or panty liner that does not contain fragrance. fragrance on the panty liner can cause allergy reactions in certain women.
  • Miss V does have distinctive scent, and it is different in every woman. During the scent released is not too oppressive and smell, there is no need to use spray / woman cleaning fluids. Use the wrong cleaning liquids can causing irritation and even more pungent smell.
  • Avoid the use tight pants in the vagina area because it can suppress and making a moist.
  • After exercising or swim immediately replace the panties. Clothes which wet and a humid vagina area can trigger the growing of bacteria.
  • After urinate, rinse with water and pat dry with a smooth tissue. Use special wipes to clean up when you are in a public restroom which hygiene the water is not guaranteed.

Healthcare and hygiene Miss V should continue to be maintained. As an important part of women, of course, did not want the area to be prone to disease and cause the unpleasant scent.

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