10 Years Younger Secrets


on Sunday, November 10, 2013 | 12:56

Operations, technology, chemicals, whether it's how to keep it healthy and look younger? Some people think some of the things that will help them give you a youthful look, but at least they support only a maximum of 5 years to help give a younger look. Them with the ability to offer a variety of warranty of quality is still not perfect.

So how to get perfect results, whether the operation should be doubled, or consumption of chemical technology? Not so the answer! Use of chemicals in a certain period of time has certain side effects, there are fears even worse effect on some parts of the body. As with surgery, which has limited treatment. Perhaps it's not all over your body so that only surgery to look younger.

According to Dr. Satya Bhakti N, all natural ingredients that are all around you and almost every day in consumption is a miracle drug that will make you healthy and youthful. Further back on you to take advantage of the various resources for maximum results.

Secrets 1:

All youthful drug is in the womb of vegetables and fruits. Enrich your consumption with 5 different types of vegetables and five kinds of fruit every day, in your daily menu. Should not in large numbers, but varied so that all the needs of vitamins and minerals fulfilled.

Secrets 2:

Reduce carbohydrates you eat, too many carbs will minimize your desire sufficient vitamins and minerals from other foods. For example, if the portion of rice you too much, you must be lazy to eat vegetables, vitamins that the body needs as a result of reduced vegetable. No more room for the rest of the fruit which is also your body needs. Therefore the set menu to suit your needs, try everything balanced so that your dreams for a healthy and youthful achieved.

Secret 3:

Often heralded that the body needs exercise to stay fit. What kind of exercise is best to maintain the beauty, health and youthfulness of your body? All of the sports body moves very well, it's just that you tend to focus on quantity and you forget the important essence of a workout. Continuity and exercise discipline is much more important than if you weight train. You will find the maximum benefits when you exercise routine.

Secrets :

A cheerful laugh in your face will help to move the muscles in the face. It is very difficult to be able to move effort face, in contrast to other parts of the body that is free to move. Therefore, make yourself comfortable and laugh in your happiness. Think of these as facial gymnastics, is like the same as when you are doing aerobic body.

Secrets :

The other key is mineral water, which is still underestimated by some people. Consumption of mineral water is often very low, whereas the body requires healthy effects of mineral water to keep the body moisture. Are you still hesitate to consume at least 8 glasses of mineral water a day?

Still can not believe that five little secret that can make you 10 years younger? Prove the truth to start trying these secrets from now. Do not forget to share this article to your friends and invite some of them to practice.

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