5 Signs Your Body Weak Durability


on Thursday, November 07, 2013 | 12:39

The immune system is your body a shield to protect against a variety of viruses and diseases. Immune system does not come by itself, should be built with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Often feel easily tired and sick? Is it because your immune system decreases?

Sometimes difficult to determine whether a person's immune system is good or not. Weather changes, irregularly diet and poor lifestyle often affects a person's immune deficiencies. To assess whether your immune system is good or not, here's characteristics, reported by geniusbeauty.com.

  1. You are a fever more than 10 times a year.
  2. You are experiencing  severe hair loss and you often experience pain in the throat and joints.
  3. You often feel very tired and woke with a limp body (despite sleeping enough).
  4. You suffered herpes. Herpes that occurs in humans as much as 90 per cent resulting from the body, but a good endurance will inhibit the growth of the herpes virus.
  5. You often have colds, the flu develop into sinusitis and even bronchitis.

If you are experiencing at least one of the above symptoms, you should immediately boost immunity. Regularly eat a balanced diet, getting enough sleep, exercise and avoiding cigarettes and alcoholic beverages will greatly help improve your immune system.

Good immune system will make you more excited and enjoy a variety of routines with good health.

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