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As many as 81 percent of them are obese are more likely to suffered migraine than those who have normal weight. Thus a recent study from Johns Hopkins Medicine.

That's because fat cells secrete a protein that is inflamed so as to improve migraine attacks. The attack was so common look, such as if it is a regular pain. Thus research is led by B. Lee Peterlin, D.O. it added.

Other facts that exist in the circle are several migraine medications can trigger weight gain! Add more effects in head pain makes the patient can not move on, can only sit or lie down.

Moving lots

So how do I cope? It's easy: exercise. They who like aerobics - one sport that is easy to do, as many as three times a week (for 10 weeks), relieves headaches by 50 percent. It was in the month. Therefore, a lot of moves and does not rely on drugs only when a migraine attack!

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