Best Position When Pregnant


on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 | 12:03

Ladies, ever feel confused when creativity sexual intercourse is limited by the state who are pregnant? Actually, sex during pregnancy no longer a problem. Even medically recommended. But, what style should be used? The following reviews about these styles.

1. Woman on top
Woman on top position is the best position because she can fully control set. It is intended to set the depth of penetration and balance the weight due to the body's center of gravity while pregnant obvious move. This position can be modified into a ring of fire, ride and feed, and so fit your creativity and your partner.

2. Side of the bed
Lie down on the bed and let your legs dangling down. You can feel very sexy when the man stood staring at your eyes, holding your legs in the air.

3. Spooning
Lie down facing the side with the guy behind you. With this position, the mother who was pregnant at an do not need to worry about uterus weight because it can use a pillow placed under the abdomen to balance the body.

4. Hands and knees
This style is a modification that requires a woman doggy style on all fours. For pregnant women, stack some pillows can be placed under the abdomen in order to sustain his burden is not too heavy.

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