Beware of Germs Transmitted Through the Bath Towel!


on Monday, November 11, 2013 | 14:32

Hygiene towel directly affect your health. Because every day is used at least twice a day, and in direct contact with the skin, you should give more attention to care of and cleanliness.

Here are some tips about hygiene care towel:

Tips 1:

Towels shall be washed once a week to keep them clean and comfortable. Just imagine, for 7 days she helps you dry every inch of your body parts. Indeed finished bathing, germs and dirt fuzzy its logic will be expelled soap formula. But not all bacteria can be blurred, there are still clinging in the towel. Try to observe the color change after you use a clean towel for at least a week, the color darkening is not it?

Tips 2:

Soak the towel with warm water and detergent at least 30 minutes before you wash. Warm water can help the performance of the detergent to fade all the dirt on the towel.

Tips 3:

Separate the towel with other clothes washing to avoid contamination of germs from the outside. The clothes you wear for outdoor activities carry different types of germs, so it is not safe if you combine your laundry.

Tips 4:

If your towel is new, do not mix old and new towel in a laundry place. New towels contain more chemicals that need to be cleaned first, by soaking it in hot water and detergent mix thoroughly.

Tips 5:

After being washed, soak towel in the water mixed with disinfectant.

Tips 6:

Make sure the towel is dry again after you wear so as not to grow mushrooms. Drying in a dry and exposed to the sun.

Health and beauty skin started from what you wear everyday, it's come to be more careful and smart in taking care of what you got.

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