Cried That Turns healthful


on Friday, November 22, 2013 | 14:34

If laughter is a very strong drug, as well as cry. how can?

You certainly know who the figure Gwyneth Paltrow, right? A class actress was crying therapy to cope with the stress experienced because of the work and problems in life.

"I could cry for half an hour. I'll pull out all the sadness and what I was feeling until I was relieved," he said as quoted from

This statement is supported by the University of Minnesota which found that crying can improve mood as much as 88.8%. Crying can also heal, improve immune body, reduce stress and anger levels in the body.

"Proven with sense of relief that is felt after crying, isn't?" press Professor William Frey, who did research on this crying. When crying, said William, that the substances needed by the body may also be carried by the water out of the eyes and body. This is why the sense of relief is felt every time she had been crying. Stress and heart disease trigger of is pressed out and the body's immune also increased due to a healthier body.

Crying also gives us a chance to breathe more deeply, so that the body is much quieter. At times of stress, the breath tends to be short, resulting in increased cortisol and yourself become restless. With a deep breath, feeling much better and everything can be controlled in the body.

Professor William also reminded that after crying person should drink enough water to prevent dehydration. Stress gone, the body needs adequate mineral water, so it is more a feeling of relief and a healthier body.

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