Crooked Mr.P, Perhaps You Suffer 'of Peyronie'


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Curvature of the penis, certainly  making worried and insecure. No need to worry because the curvature of the penis is not something that is dangerous and not so disturbing sexual activity, as long as you can work around this. Although the condition is not dangerous, but for some individuals will feel uncomfortable. If bending accompanied by pain, there may be disorders with your penis, Peyronie's can be your experience.

What is Peyronie?

Peyronie terms may be unfamiliar to some people, because it's not as popular as Peyronie's penile disorders, such as impotence or premature ejaculation. Peyronie's is the formation of tissues (plaque) in the penis, usually the more hardened tissues on one side, which makes a curved penis when erect. Some men have trouble bent penises during intercourse.

Until now the cause of Peyronie's not known for certain. However Peyronie's is not a serious disorders or a sexually transmitted disease category, although there is mention of the disorder affected the genetic problem and how to treat Mr P. Do not worry if the shape is not too crooked penis.

Each man may be experiencing Peyronie, generally prevalent in men aged 50 years, although there was a possibility occurred at the age of 18 years. In fact, about 80 thousand men in the UK have the condition.

The symptoms of peyronie

Three symptoms crooked penis (Peyronie's):

  • There is a hard bump on the shaft of the penis
  • Pain during erection
  • Curvature of the penis during erection

Hardened tissue causing pain, which can lead to impotence. The penis can be bent to the left and right, although many cases of more penis to bend upward. If you notice the penis bends abruptly and tends to develop in one to three months. The symptoms are more common in the erect state.

What to do

When you feel the pain and there is no abnormal bumps in your penis, immediately visit your doctor, and if you are diagnosed with Peyronie, ask what medication you should take.

If your doctor can not help, do not hesitate to ask for a referral to a specialist berkonsultsi genital organs and sexual health problems, sexual or clinic visit. This disorders can sometimes disappear by itself although time-consuming and depends on the condition of the patient's body. Because, always active tissue in the body regenerate, the body will automatically replace the damaged tissue with new tissue.


Although not all patients with disorders crooked penis (peyronie) need treatment, but it could not hurt to follow the following suggestions:

  • For early stage and prevent the establishment hardening of tissues, tamoxifen tablets can handle. These tablets are commonly used in cancer treatment paydara, although there was no relationship at all between them.
  • Vitamin E is proven to effectively relieve pain and abnormalities of the disease.
  • Verapamil, often used in the treatment of high blood pressure, proven to reduce plaque size and reduce pain by injecting it directly into the plaque.
  • Extracorporeal shock therapy or ESWT (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy), a new treatment that is used in some hospitals. This new treatment proves effective, until now there has been no reported side effects of this treatment in the long term.
  • Surgery is only performed if you are already suffering from Peyronie in severe conditions for a year or more, or even not making progress in a period of three months. There are two types of surgery procedures. Nesbitt procedure, the procedure is performed by removing tissues that cause crooked penis and restore back to normal (straight).  Other procedures transplant or to use part of the veins in the tissues to expand the area. In some cases of penile prosthesis implantation is also recommended.

Sex tricks

No need to worry, no mean curvature of the penis can not satisfy your partner. You can work around this by changing your sex style. Position Woman on Top (WOT), allows you to adjust the depth of penetration or movement control during sex.

Spooning style you can also do, the way, ask the couple lie on her side and backs you, do penetration from behind.

Would be very helpful if you want to communicate with your spouse, partner support and understanding will help suppress your fears and anxiety during sex.

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