Don't Eat This 5menus After Exercising


on Saturday, November 23, 2013 | 15:05

Ever realized that activities such as gym was fruitless and never slim? All of that might be due to your wrong choice of food.

Nothing forbids you eat after the gym, really. It's just that you also have to be careful to choose foods that are consumed.

Foods that are high in protein and has a good fat (avocado and nuts) is a smart choice menu to eat after the gym. Protein and good fats will help repair muscle and replenish your energy that has been lost. However, not all high-protein foods that may be consumed after the gym. Like for example the following foods:


Seems to still not too heavy, but what used to be the bread you choose? Bread with cream and cheese may not be the right choice because it will make your exercise futile.

Avoid sweet bread and white bread because of the high calorie content. Better to choose whole wheat toast with peanut butter or a banana.


Cereals that you eat may be claimed to low fat (and probably true). But look at the sugar content in it. Some cereals even much higher sugar content than a packet of chocolate you know. For it is better to carefully choose cereals.

Fried eggs

Well, it is tempting and rich in protein. However, as quoted from eggs are processed by  fried wicked high-fat. It is recommended for those who want to eat better scrambled eggs or boiled only.


Especially after gym eating pastry. Hmm ... increasing how much longer the actual calories you burn already had?

Sugar and fat contained in it will make you hungry rapidly, so can't hold to eat again and again. Though, you've just hit the gym and burn calories.


Better to choose unsweetened fruit juice than smoothies. The content of sugar in smoothies just quite high so that you not of satiety and want to add your meal.

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