Drinking Coffee Making Smart Brain


on Thursday, November 21, 2013 | 09:17

Confused reading the title of this article? Seems to be no relationship between the food and the person's ability to process words polite. But a recent study looking at the strong relationship between caffeine and the selection of words spoken person positive connotation.

Caffeinated coffee consumption may help the brain process positive connotation words faster and more accurately. This does not apply to the words of negative connotation. The latest results of the German written in the journal PLoS ONE, reported Newsmaxhealth.

The research, led by Lars Kuchinke investigating the relationship between caffeine and one's emotional level. The results showed that the caffeine about two to three cups of coffee before doing the task can improve the brain's ability to recognize words positive connotation. The researchers also wrote that the effect of caffeine on the brain is responsible for one's language skills.

Meanwhile, in previous studies, it is known that the consumption of caffeine can boost the activity of the central nervous system, and increase brain function while performing simple tasks.

Do you like to drink coffee, guys?

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