Eating Pears To Treat Cough and Fever


on Wednesday, November 06, 2013 | 20:30

Pears originated from tropical regions, especially in Western Europe, Asia and North Africa. Fruit plant can reach a height of 10-17 meters.

Thanks to reliable farmers, there are several types of pear fruit a now sold at the fruit market. There is a European pear, pear planted by farmers in Europe and North America. There pear Ya pear a also known as Hebei and Shandong pear or nashi pear also commonly grown in East Asia and is known by various names, Sand Pear, Asian Pears, Pears Apples, Pears Japan, Korea and Pears Pears Taiwan.

Pear is already known since the stone age. Chinese people a introduced him to the world, through trade on the Silk Road. Pear fruit considered a luxury and a gift from God, so that the fruit is commonly served at religious ceremonies.

According to the ancestors, pear prevents inflammation, respiratory problems and moisten the lungs. Eating pears than sweet, it turns out this pear help fight fever and cough. The Chinese physicians have even put this fruit as one of the herbal remedies a are needed to accelerate the healing when we are sick, and gave it to consume the active smokers, to prevent lung cancer and lung infections.

Treating cough and fever
Cough and fever usually attack every weather and climate change, especially if the condition of the body is not fit, easy to cause fever bacterium.

Can not be underestimated, cough and fever should be addressed in an effective manner. In addition to taking medication, attention to food intake is also very important. For instance there are about 66 million Americans a have trouble coughing and fever, the disease are not always treated with antibiotics because antibiotics there should not be easily given in the prescription medicine.

As a result, a combination from modern and traditional medicine recommends that when they cough or fever, the body was given nutrition from pear. Helps relieve fever and cough, this fruit also increases the body's immune so it can fight bacteria in the body.

Another benefit pear
Because of a high fiber content, powerful pear to help remove toxins and bacteria from the gut. Prevent heart disease, prevent cancer, reduce cholesterol and prevent type 2 diabetes.

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