How to cure Eye Pain Naturally


on Monday, November 25, 2013 | 10:09

How to cure Eye Pain Naturally, eye pain usually will cause our eyes are red, smarting, watery and makes us feel uncomfortable. For that through this article I try to share information about how to naturally treat eye pain. Hopefully by knowing this information is one way for you to treat eye pain naturally.

Sore eyes that we know it is usually contagious eye sore. Usually the spread through the air when we eye contact with people with sore eyes. So if one of your family members gets sick eyes then you also risk for contracting eye pain.

Although not classified as a dangerous disease, but this eye sore is quite disturbing activity. Not to mention the declining confidence due to one of our eyes swollen and red. In addition it seems that quite painful and watery I guess we will impair vision.

Infectious ocular pain is usually caused by viruses and bacteria that enter our eyes resulting in infection. first signs usually we will feel the pain and itching of the eyes, then the eyes will begin to swell until it difficult to open your eyes when you wake up in the morning caused by a buildup of dirt on the eyelid.

Well, I think it eye pain is quite disturbing our activities. For that to my friend who is experiencing eye pain, I have the following tips to treat eye pain. As for my friends who have not feel it, this article should keep it for precaution. Well just, to treat eye pain please guys, use to treat pain following eye.

How to Treat Eye Disease

  1. Wash your face with clean water until your eyes free from dirt and dust.
  2. Then dry using a clean towel.
  3. Prepare 1 clove of garlic that has been peeled clean.
  4. Cut the ends a little garlic. It aims to remove the garlic content.
  5. Slowly rub the roots parallel of eyelashes like when you use eye liner.
  6. Do it only on the bottom eyelid, because the content of garlic that evaporates from the bottom of the petals will go directly to the eye.
  7. Wait a few moments until stinging, tears, tingling, itching and even to make as if the head swaying.
  8. Let it go, not directly on wash, even doing scrubbing up a few more times.
  9. In order not to interfere with the work, should do this treatment just before bed.

That's some steps to treat eye pain. Hopefully the article Tips on How to cure Pain Naturally Eye above can be useful for you all.

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