How to Cure Acne Naturally


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Growing acne is very annoying for us who experienced it, acne can reduce confidence in ourselves. But do not worry for those of you who experience acne growing on the face, this time we give you tips How to Eliminating Acne naturally that you can try at home.

Eliminating acne does take a little longer, we are in demand to perform hygiene on a regular basis in order to grown return acne facial surface. For more details you can see the tips below.

How to Eliminating Acne

Acne is a skin disease usually affects the face. Handle acne should not be arbitrary. In general, the principle of facial skincare as follows.

  • Facial skin should be kept clean at rest at home.
  • Do not break the acne and not often in touch.
  • Avoid the use of cosmetic makeup while sleeping.
  • The need different cleaners for dry skin with oily skin or normal skin, and vice versa.
  • Cleaning a different face in the afternoon with the morning.
The natural way to overcome acne

  • Take 2-3 papaya leaves are old and dry in the sun.
  • The crushed leaves of papaya and water then squeezed for juice taken.
  • Apply the juice of the papaya leaves on the acne.
Treatment of acne.
  • Wash  enough radishes, then grated the radishes and take the water.
  • Add a little apple cider vinegar and mix until blended.
  • Apply on acne, let stand until dry.
  • Once dried, wash with water.
  • Perform routine until the acne is resolved.
The most important thing besides using products and materials to eliminate acne, is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Because the body's metabolism and excretion of a good process, will help the disposal of residual substances. Healthy lifestyle should be done as below:
  • drinking enough water - no less, no more.
  • always avoid stress and relax
  • eating vegetables and fruits in order to defecate more smoothly
  • wash face with clean water (wear mineral water), because it could be in the tap water contains high levels of iron too
  • Routine washing towels, helmet and cushion
  • do not squeeze force, except by means of appropriate
  • wash your face with soap 2x/day special enough to be able to reduce excess oil. Do not be too often because it can eliminate the moisture required by the skin
  • Avoid sugary foods and iodized, coffee drinks as well carbonized
  • diligent exercise enough, but do not overdo it
  • facial routine will speed up the healing of acne. Regular facial once every 2 weeks. Wear facial products that have been registered in the pom body. Mistakenly choose the products facial could actually make your problem becomes worse.
  • Other means can also be done with herbal ingredients. Seed and honey is very good to eat.

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