How to Masturbate On Woman


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In terms of sexual sensitivity, the clitoris (clitoris) plays a very important role. Located on the tip of the clitoris genitals (vagina), right between the lips and outer lips, as well as meat hidden in a thin layer (foreskin).

When we are sexually stimulated, the clitoris will swell and become strained. Clitoris itself is relatively small. Part we can see is a sort of "glands" or head of the clitoris only. This gland, connected with crura (which measure about 6 to 7 cm) and crura is associated with pelvic bone. Three part is precisely what is called the clitoris. Our breasts with nipples also have sexual sensitivity. Nipples our breasts will become strained when we are aroused.

The Important In Things Masturbation:
Women will enjoy the orgasm (the peak of satisfaction) with direct or indirect stimulation of the clitoris. The most important way is to stimulate the clitoris during masturbation with fingers. Find a quiet place, where you can relax and enjoy the sensation as well as concentration. Start by imagining things that stimulate your passionand rubbing your clitoris. How exactly rubbing, it's up to you, which is important you feel good. Try a variety of rubbing, press, twisting, or pinching, and feel where the most comfortable.

The longer you are aroused, you will begin to wet pubic. You should wet your finger with saliva or genital fluids that rubbing the clitoris more slippery. Meanwhile, you may also twist your nipples breasts with his other hand, or even the other hand also stimulate your own approximately genital lips.

Try opening that cover your clitoris rubbing your finger on the clitoris increasingly felt. Read also reading erotic literature such as stories or Samzara Thrillers collection. This will make you more fantasizing that accelerate the achievement of satisfaction.

How Do I Know?
How do I know if I have achieved satisfaction (orgasm). Orgasm is a sense of relief as the culmination of tingling pleasure derived from sexual stimuli in the form of a muscle twitch muscles many times. When your body starts to move while the pleasure flowing throughout the body, it's when you start to feel an orgasm.

Your clitoris, genitals and anus also be twitched many times during lasts orgasm. The possibility of you being such sensistif clitoris until you can not bear to rub it again because it was very amused. But there are also women who are able to direct again after a rubbing clit orgasm to reach the next enjoyment.

Orgasm can be the culmination of satisfaction and enjoyment both physically and emotionally. You can moan during or after orgasm. Let all the emotions out during orgasm, because then we will feel more calm and relaxed. Concentrate the mind on the pleasure achieved.

Other suggestions To Masturbation

The most widely used by women to masturbate is the shower! Maybe because while bathing in the shower, women easily aroused. When the end of the shower can be moved it and direct the spray water directly to the pubic and also the clitoris, it is also increasing arousal.

Arrange hot water and spray pressure according your taste. The most well we started with a spray that is not too loud and further enhanced. The harder the water spray, increasingly felt in stimulating your clitoris. Warm water is usually the most comfortable. Many women who can reach orgasm within a few minutes by way of the shower spray directly on the clit.

If you can wear in private Jacuzzi, try to enjoy it emits bursts of water. Facing the wall where the water emanates point it to your vagina or clitoris near the water bursts. Be careful not to get too close to the water hole, because the water is very hard bursts. Start off a little way, if there is less felt in your clitoris, move a little to really fit your taste.

Vibrators are usually used for massage, can also be used for masturbation. You need not touch directly to your clitoris, but simply by moving the outer movements around your vagina. or use specially made vibrator to masturbate.

Just after you get used to, touch your clitoris to slowly. Never push objects sharp, can be broken or dirty, use a dildo alternative that is safe and soft.

If you use a dildo, wrap it with a condom. Dildo made ​​of a flexible plastic or rubber, usually complete with penis-shaped outline of muscle as the original sketch. In order to feel the pleasure of using a dildo, first rub your clitoris to first strained, then insert a dildo into your vagina.

If your vagina still feels dry, use lotion. Slowly move the dildo in and out of your vagina while the other hand continues to stimulate the clitoris. There dildo that comes with stimulating the clitoris, so whenever pressed inside, the dildo will rub your clitoris.

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