How to Prevent smell in Area Bikini Bottom


on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 | 10:58

According to the Mayo Clinic, the bad smell coming out from the vagina often caused by several things, cancer, sexually transmitted diseases or bacterial infections. Generally there is itchiness that comes out with the unpleasant aroma. If the scent is too strong, you should not wait longer and see your doctor. However, if the smell is not too thick felt, this is what you should do ...

Step 1:

Clean the vagina area with cold water and soap specifically for the area of ​​femininity. Choose which contains anti-bacterial soap.

Step 2:

If you prefer the natural way, you should rinse the vagina with the betel leaf boiled water. In addition to helping reduce the smell, betel leaf can also be effective against bacteria.

Step 3:

Make sure you choose the material quality cotton underwear. choose underwear should not be underestimated and avoid synthetic materials that make hot, uncomfortable and not absorb sweat.

Due to its position which is hidden in between the thighs, air circulation is also important. This way you can prevent the growth of bacteria.

Step 4:

Avoid wearing pads or pantyliner without replacing all day. At least 5 hours at a time, or pantyliner pads should be replaced. Especially during menstruation, so that bacteria does not grow and thrive there.

Step 5:

If your skin is sensitive, avoid using products containing fragrances. Good soap femininity, fabric softener, or pantyliner.

Do not dismiss your bottom bikini area, yes ladies!

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