How to Stimulate Each Type Breast


on Friday, November 15, 2013 | 20:38

It can be said each breast has its own uniqueness. By knowing the uniqueness of your wife's breasts and the movement of what is most appropriate for her, then she would a hug in your arms.

Large Breasts: Based on the study conducted by the University of Vienna in Austria, the researchers discovered that large breasts are less sensitive to a stimulus compared to small ones. This is likely due to nerves of uric stretch, they said. Try to stimulate them on the outside, that part which is just below the armpit. You can stimulate them with the fingers, tongue or soft bite.

Small Breasts: The sensitivity is quite high and can respond more kinds of motion stimulus. The most sensasionol him is hold the palm of the hand and squeezed it softly during penetration.

Flabby Breasts: Breast is the smallest type of sensitivity. Not only because the of uric stretched nerves, but also because the breast pinched by the fall of. The owner can feel maximum stimulation if the lying position.

Breast Implants: If the operation goes perfectly, it should not be changing the sensitivity. Still, there are differences in accepting stimulus. Use your tongue in a circular motion from the bottom of the breast to the nipple.

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