How to Whiten Teeth


on Sunday, November 24, 2013 | 14:38

Yellow teeth are a disgrace for some people. Moreover, if the yellow teeth accompanied by bad breath that is not very pleasant. Brushing alone was not enough to make your teeth white again. There are some tips and ways that you can return teeth white and clean.

Tips on Caring teeth

Diligently brushing teeth
Brush your teeth at least two times in one day. Diligently brushing teeth will make your teeth whiter and healthier. Brushing your teeth will also help you avoid the various dental problems such as cavities or tooth loss.

Diligently to the dentist
You are strongly advised to visit the dentist at least three times in one year or three months one time. This is so that your teeth very well maintained.

Gargling After eat
Try to always rinse the mouth after eating. It is intended to clean up the remaining leftovers tucked in your teeth. if left unchecked, these leftovers will invite bacteria that will make your mouth smell.

Natural ingredients to whiten teeth


strawberries contains malic acid which is very efficacious to change the color of your teeth will be whiter. The trick is with mashing ripe strawberry and rub it into your scuba gear for about 10 minutes.

Besides strawberries apples can also be used to whiten teeth. The trick is to chew an apple until it is completely smooth.

Baking Soda
One more well-known natural ingredients to whiten teeth, namely baking soda. Baking soda has properties that can remove stains on the tooth surface. but do not overdo the use of baking soda as it can damage tooth enamel.

Cheese can also be used to whiten teeth. The trick is very easy. Namely by eating cheese after a big meal. Cheese and other products such as yogurt and milk contains calcium which is good for your teeth.

Chewing Gum
when relaxed, chewing gum could be the right choice to whiten your teeth. try to chew gum containing xilithol.

Such tips and how to whiten teeth naturally, may be useful.

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