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Male genitalia or penis, other than as a symbol of doughtiness too often make men less confident because of various myths that exist. Well, let me not wrong info and so much more to know the various info about the male genitalia. Read this article first.

Myth 1: Feel Small His penis
The men are often not only expect his penis to function properly, but also expect the size of his genitals was quite large compared to his friends. Larger genitals makes men more confident, especially when having to run one of its functions, to have sex.

Unfortunately, men often compare his penis size when changing clothes with friends in the gym or compare with porn actor. How to look like it makes the penis look smaller. If you want to see the actual size of the penis, stand in front of the mirror and the possibility of the penis will look bigger than when viewing a friend penis in the locker room. About porn actors, they do not make reference. Porn actor can be said to have a penis size beyond the average. Such size is only possessed by few men.

Myth 2: Women Liked Long Penis 
It is not really like that. Some women do like a longer penis, but most women do not give a damn about penis size. During this time the men thought a longer penis is a better penis. According to the website Penis, logic above may arise because men consider long and big penis will give more satisfaction to the woman.

This logic is not entirely wrong. But when having sex, women do not only look for physical satisfaction only. The women also seek emotional vibrations, feeling loved, be special, appreciated, and intimacy with a partner. This statement is not the skill of the word alone. This conclusion is drawn from community discussions that took place women on the internet.

Myth 3: Big Penis Is Good Penis 
In a community survey of women, Peniswebsite say women to prefer a thick penis than a long penis. According to some of the women in this survey, a long penis tends to result in pain while having sex. Still from the same survey, the penis is not too long but thick, is more popular because it is able to touch her ​​g-spot is located about 1 inch from the mouth of the vagina.

Myth 4: Men More Mighty If His penis is big
Actually the building assuming it is the man themselves. There are no facts to prove anything that nature and boyish manly man in touch with his penis size. The properties that make men more manly and respected woman among others, the ability to be a father to a son, the strength of character to be a good example to family and community, concern about, can make a meaningful life plan, and the ability to assign the establishment and ideals alive. The things, like that which will make him more appreciated and preferred community rather than simply woman has a big dick and do not have those values​​.

Myth 5: Big Penis Longer Making Sexual Relations
Hmm, it looks like a great one. Long sexual intercourse or not depends on many things. Penis size is not one of them. Most major drug of premature ejaculation is a confidence, a harmonious relationship with your partner, eliminate fear and guilty of during intercourse, and open communication with your partner.

Myth 6: People Asian has a Smaller Penis
The last myth is not entirely wrong because the person's growth is influenced by genetic factors. The average penis size black people, about 1.5 to larger than 3 cm white race (Caucasian). While the Asian man's penis, smaller approximately 1.5 to 3 cm of the white race. Testicular size of each race is different of course proportional to the size of his penis. But this difference is not without cause. As it turns out the proportion of Asian woman's vagina is also smaller than the other races.

Here's the average penis  man size when erect based on race by peniswebsite:
1. Oriental: Length 10.5 to 14 cm
Diameter of 3.2 cm
2. Caucasians: Length 14 to 15.5 cm
Diameter of 4.8 cm
3. Black Leather: Length 15.9 to 20.3 cm
Diameter of 5 cm

Well, the conclusion male penis size more feared by themselves than women. Well, the conclusion more male penis size feared by themselves men than women. A harmonious relationship is not determined by the size of the penis. Beautiful sex is determined by the creativity and communication each partner.

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