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on Saturday, November 09, 2013 | 20:00

Sports, almost everyone knows the fact that this activity is essential for the health of the human body. However, despite that fact says that only a few of us who regularly do so.

Either the hampered by time or because they had no more money to go to the gym so it makes a lot of women, especially working women, choose to rarely exercise.

However, now you do not have a headache thinking about how to split the time or money for this one healthy activity, because it is actually where and at any time, you can do a healthy sporting activity.

Here are some tips you can start your practice:

  • Clean the house or your room for at least half an hour each day. This will make your hands and feet active. In addition to the house was clean, healthy body too.
  • When you have time to spare, go for a walk with your family, dog, pet, or friends around the house or garden complex. In addition to healthy, you can also improve socialization skills through 'sport' is.
  • If you go to the office by using public transport, then go down one block or one stop before your office. Continue your journey on foot. If you are already started to get used, there's nothing wrong if you increase the distance you walk.
  • If your office is equipped with lift facility, then you can choose the regular stairs (of course this does not apply if the room you are in level 20). Similarly, when you go to the mall or a bank, there is nothing wrong to use the stairs rather than the escalator.

Most important of all of the above suggestions is to do it with a cheerful heart. If you do this with joy and excited, then your body is not only healthy, but also your soul. Good luck!

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