Sex In the Ancient Greek


on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 | 11:47

Sexual life was so exciting you all, it has been rooted since long before you were born in this world. Anyways who also do not like the same sex? Well, do not up to dont like, Myspace disorder becomes. Um, Ladies, welcome to the ancient sexuality!

In ancient Greece, as reported by, when the sexual development, prostitution, and various issues related to sexual've grown by at leaps and bounds. but, the men always dominate an activity, set the every day activities of the people (especially the women) either close relatives or strangers. Weird huh?

One example, here, a father who has a daughter would be happy to sell it to a man who is willing to give money to his father. This girl would be his wife, mistress and even sold back to the places of prostitution. Everything is exactly the same, with how the men treat the women, such as dont having self esteem! Hmmm ...
At that time, he was dominating. How not, lha wong god only (Zeus), according to Greek myth, was also a man who mad women and men. Ancient Greek history notes that Zeus has given birth to so many children (also a god, of course) and having sex with each other.

Hmm, looks like the world sex is exciting anyoneno exception the gods.

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