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on Tuesday, November 19, 2013 | 10:41

If you look at the menus of the Europeans, it was not far from a menu of pasta, cheese, smoked meat and menus are just so abstinenced your diet, right?

But, why they can have a slim body and always looks fashionable style behind them? We know the secret.

Reported by Cosmopolitan, that when traveling to France, you will not find a woman who actually refrained from eating it it. Precisely views of women who were sitting in the cafe eating pasta or eating cake would be a treat that makes you envious.

According Mireiller Gulliano, in a book entitled Why French Women Do not Get Fat, it is said that the good body shape men and women in France not because they are dieting. But simply a way of life, which makes them stay healthy and slim.

Joie de vivre!

Or that when translated into the English language means enjoying life. Every French person has a motto that they should enjoy life. For those that do not know the diet program or should not eat it until it is.

They really enjoyed their food, though the menu is steak or cheese. They always eat the food slowly and small portions. Mengunyahpun it is done with caution while feeling that permeates the whole spices in the food. For that fat burning is still going on when they're eating.

Hobby walking

The streets are wide and comfortable is intended citizens who live or stop in France. Many assets are put up for people to enjoy walking.

Mostly, the people also go on foot because it is a sport that is simple and effective. Walking besides maintaining weight can also improve mood and keep your blood pressure.

Fend off stress

French people do not let him know what it is stressful. Stress is one cause of weight gain is the most dreaded, because it's hard to control yourself to eat when under stress.

For the French it usually will take off long enough to make him relax. They will utilize the best vacation allotments to do positive things for the body and mind.

Seems to be difficult. Moreover, do not have to resist the urge to eat all the menus as you like. Well, rather than be stuck and tired of diet programs that you live, why not try to trick the French people?

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