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on Saturday, November 16, 2013 | 19:52

Orgasm more than once can only be experienced by men that men are able to control ejaculation so that does not happen. Unfortunately, the time difference between orgasm and ejaculation is difficult to identify. Here is the trick to slow ejaculation during sexual intercourse

  1. Suppression techniques (squeeze). This technique is sometimes called the pinch. Developed by Masters and Johnson. The emphasis was exactly the same as the name implies. When a man feels will reach ejaculation, he or her partner press or pinch tip of with his finger on where the glans penis continuous with the corpus of the penis and hold the pressure for a few seconds. He may have lost a little erection, but would go back again if the sexual relationship continued. This technique can be repeated as many times as needed or desired during sexual intercourse.
  2. Muscle tension. If ejaculation occurs almost, tighten muscles at the base of the penis. After a few seconds, loosen the muscles. Tense and relax muscles can help prolong sexual intercourse.
  3. Manual manipulation. You or your partner can manually stimulate the penis. Stop stimulation if ejaculation almost happened. After a few seconds, do it again. With practice, you can learn defend itself in a high level of stimulation. If orgasm occurs will be felt more strongly.

Hope it helps

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