Smoking There is also values its Plus!


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So feel the Rich

Robin Hood stole from the rich to give away to the poor. Well, smokers are the proverbial rich man his money taken by Robinhood (customs), if its customs officers honest and dedicated, millions of people come to feel the money smokers.

Inevitably, many smokers accounted for local income from excise bandrol. Besides bandrol, cigarettes also produce enough income tax sinifikan, see from payment of tax in Indonesia, a lot of names in the top 50 are from the tobacco companies. Not to mention the income tax on advertisements that flourished everywhere.

In short, because smokers are willing divided the money, thousands of people will benefit. It is said that according to a story by word of mouth, Kediri city could still exist and be reasonably prosperous society, because the faithful services of Indonesian smokers buy "Salt" (cigarette factory "Gudang Garam").

One  Dead Thousand Life

How many people die because of smoking each year? No one ever did a serious study of this matter as it may be big sponsors in the country (which incidentally is the tobacco companies in general) no one wants to fund.

But if we look from the side of labor, millions of people living on cigarettes, ranging from laborers working in a cigarette factory, cigarette sellers from large companies such as Dewi Hughes class to cigarettes slim roadside vendors, not to mention the street peddlers in the outskirts of the toll that can scrounge profits from selling cigarettes (not a pack), plus also scavengers that can still be cashed dregs.

The reality, though the body of smokers may be exposed to the risk of cancer, but they certainly reduce the number of smokers dry bag. Who died because of cigarettes, it could be more than the number who lived by a cigarette.

Personal Electric Company

How many people can not enjoy the bright lights? If you had the small streets of Lombok island or in a remote area in Java, or even in a tourist area in Bali, seven a clock a night, the streets are pitch black, no bright lights on the road. Moreover, if the  officers street lights are not carry out their duties properly, broken bulb is not replaced or broken lampposts be left broken, especially if you forgot to turn on the light, darkness on the road can not be avoided.

Fortunately, now there are a lot of billboards in the street exceeds the bright lights bulbs urban village, from the number of billboards, cigarette companies controlled quantity, there are tens of thousands installed in the streets of Indonesia, to the remote outposts. What was once dark, now have a lighthouse.

Billboards for a lot of people is also an indication of the way, "Ma'am, just keep straight, turn left later seen billboards cowboy, now the home of the Atun just below it." Thanks to the smokers, now many roads in Indonesia so bright.

Tasty, confident, and Style

Another positive side of this is more personal, some are feeling more confident because cigarette tucked in between the fingers, there are feel welcome to be part of the proud metropolis, there is also taste the delicious a straw by straws. It is all personal benefits, and anyway who would want to issue a personal allowance if there is no personal gain?

Many places in the country that is still reserved for smokers, non-smokers do not have a lot of places. why? Yes, non-smoking room is the room for non-smokers, smokers are not allowed in, but otherwise should be a non-smoking room was a smokers room, but because smokers are kind, then the non-smokers were allowed entry. It's one of the advantages of smokers, being part of a group of good-hearted.

Overcome Body Odor

There was a woman say that, "I like to smoke because of what know not? Because smoking can eliminate body odor! Sometimes when I go home, it feels less confident because less savory body odor, but the fits were made smoke, body odor so covered the smell of cigarettes!"

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