Tips Prevent Dust Allergies


on Monday, November 11, 2013 | 14:32

Therefore, it needs to be more effort to create a dust-free environment for vulnerable people this sorts dust.

When in the house ...

Leave the house and your car window is closed, otherwise use the air conditioner for air circulation. Cover air vents with a cloth filter dust. Clean the filter as often as possible and to air channels at least once a year.

Wash your bed linens at least once a week with hot water so that the dust attached to lost and soluble in hot water.

Hair washing and bathing activities before sleep is also very important because it is usually often accumulate dust or buried in the hair.

When should out of the house ...

  • Avoid walking in the forest (timber), garden, or lawn.
  • Stay at home as much as possible, especially if the weather is hot, dry, and windy because it was the level of dust in the air is very high.
  • Wear a protective mask when gardening.
  • Do not hang clothes outside or open air.
  • After completion of the move in the house, immediately bathing, wash, and replace you with a new outfit.
If you've done everything possible to control your environment, but you still have allergies, then you should immediately see a doctor to get proper treatment.

But you should avoid the drug with histamine content, because they can cause itchy nose and sneezing. Ask medicines which contain antihistamines and say goodbye to your allergies.

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