Traditional Various Beverages Beneficial For Health From indonesia


on Tuesday, November 19, 2013 | 10:26

When the body feels tired and will be sick, a lot of people who do not directly take drugs from their medicine cabinet. It could be that they prefer to mix warm drink that is rich in natural healing benefits and more.

Indonesia has various heritage of traditional beverages warm and nutritious. It's a list of hot drink you can consume for healing the body naturally.


When you get tired, lethargic and feeling unwell, it's good to drink STMJ. Concoction of milk, eggs, honey and ginger is able to provide benefits to the body that gives energy, warm the body, increase immunity and natural antibiotics.

2. Ginger wedang 

Usually when people are sick, there will be treats a glass of ginger ale. Natural ginger extract water from various types of ginger is known to warm the body and can make you feel better the next day.

3. Bandrek

This traditional warm drink is a drink that originated from West Java. Like most traditional drink, this drink is able to warm the body and have the fragrance of rich the spices. The content of this drink is ginger cloves, cinnamon, pandanus, lemongrass and sugar and a little salt added.

4. Bajigur

Well, we had a drink blessed spices not only nutritious, but also delicious. Bajigur also a West Javanese drink made ​​from coconut milk, a little ginger, palm sugar and salt. To accompany this drink, you can eat boiled bananas, sweet potatoes and boiled peanuts.

5. Wedang Ronde

Well, wedang ronde could also be an alternative drink to warm you. Blend of ginger and sticky rice balls are chewy with nuts and sugar content has become one of the favorite beverage at a time when the weather is less friendly. Usually sold in the street at an affordable price.

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