Vaginal discharge


on Thursday, November 14, 2013 | 14:49

Vaginal discharge you may have often heard, but did you know? Lest you also have been exposed! Medical whitish circles known as LEUKORE. or Fluor Albus, which is a discharge from vagina. Discharge from the vagina is not necessarily pathological / abnormal. The vagina normally  or relaxed not fluid dispensing.

Fortunately vaginal tissue layer has a powerful natural protection system, which is a higher acidity than other tissues (wow!) and the protective bacteria that benefit our bodies, which is FLORA DODERLEINS (do not be too confused her name) who lives Vagina ecosystem balance, so remain in a state of the balance.

But of course, this balance can be disturbed by other causes, such as menstruation, Disease Diabetes, use of hormonal drugs.

It can also be due to fatigue, and stress that disrupted acidity and germs that can cause infection.

Well if infection occurs, it can cause symptoms that are very disturbing, such as the onset of itching, odor causing less savory, sticky discharge, and the colors are not as liquid as usually greenish or yellowish.


- Avoid tight underwear and not absorb sweat.
- Choose underwear made of cotton.
- Pay attention to the cleanliness of the intimate area.
- Do not sit on a public toilet when not forced.
- Change your underwear every day.

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