Vegetarians have a longer life


on Thursday, November 21, 2013 | 09:49

Being vegan means having to pluck from the plant-based nutrients. Get rid of all animal menu with a variety of reasons, ranging from spiritual reasons or health reasons.

According to the Loma Linda University in California, they are who choose to become vegan people tend to have good medical history, as well as longer life. Studies on this subject have been conducted since the 1970s, from the results of the study, as reported by Huffingtonpost, many benefits that can be gleaned from the vegetarian lifestyle.

It was also found from the research that eating fruits, vegetables and nuts can help someone avoid cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, control BMI, waist size control and enhance the ability of the brain.

Study conducted by Loma Linda University involved 96 thousand people with detailed research. They even have presented the results of his research at the Food n Nutrition Conference and Expo.

From the study reported that on average they are live a vegetarian, he can live up to 83.3 years, while women 85.7 years.

In addition, some of the following health outcomes were also found:

  • Vegans have weight tend to be milder than those who consume animal menu
  • Vegans tend to have a lower BMI and a normal
  • Vegans have normal insulin levels and under-consuming animal menu
  • Vegan mitigate and reduce the number of obese

Interested in life-style vegetarian too?

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