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Sunglasses really are identical with style. But besides that point, the actual style of sunglasses is also effective as a deterrent weapon ultraviolet rays. Well, recent studies find no other facts: wear sunglasses to ward off allergies!

It's a fact that Turkish scientists found. They gave similar nasal sprays and antihistamines for seasonal allergy sufferers groups and sent half to wear sunglasses all day. As a result, those sunglasses have fewer allergy symptoms than those not wearing sunglasses!

How so? Turns sunglasses directly blocking powders pollution, similar with blocking UV rays as well. Well, two things that can stimulate allergic symptoms appear in the eyes, said Leonard Bielory, MD, an expert from Rutgers University. The fact that this is actually not surprising quoted. Given the condition of the eyes and nose are directly related. Dr.. Bielory call it a reflex arc.

Empty Gap

But if you really want to avoid allergies, you should reduce the amount of air your eyes. Because "If you only use a thin glass and empty them great pause, the air can be tucked in," added Dr. Bielory.

So the smaller the blockade of the left and right eyes, the less the amount of dust pollution that can enter the eye. Of course, the distance is not to touch the eyebrows if do not want to itch!

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