Why Still Smell !


on Sunday, November 10, 2013 | 12:56

You already clean shower, and even scrubs. You also already apply body lotion is arguably expensive fragrance will last for days.

In addition, you also have to wear deodorant powerful swift withstand sweat flowed. About clothing, you replace it even up to two times a day. However, why do you still suffer from body odor?

Not just a couple, friends were reluctant to talk anywhere near you. So, what to do?!

Do not be dizzy first. Let's see why the agency could still smell, but everything seems to have done the best care.

You need to know first is the fact that every person has a distinctive body odor and different. The distinctive odor when mixed with bacteria or germs, it will cause a bad odor that can be detected through sweat normally released.

In addition to pay attention and take care of the outside of your body, then now try to investigate, how often do you defecate? Are routine? Because buried like garbage left in the house, it will definitely cause the smell, so also with your body.

Bowel movements that are not routine can cause body odor arise. Therefore, if you suffer from constipation, then immediately solved.

Eat foods rich in fiber, drink lots of water, go to the doctor, or even if necessary, follow the colon detoxification program to cleanse your colon.

Besides defecating irregular, body odor can also be caused by food. What you eat also affects odor that you put out. For example when you drink coffee, then your urine will smell the coffee as well. So choose foods that are healthy and rich in fiber such as fruits and vegetables.

Smoking also can make a person's body odor so bad, whether you get along with your own smoker or smoke. Because besides damaging lung health, tobacco smoke can also damage the health of the hair, making you look older, and also makes you smell course. Therefore, avoid cigarettes!

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