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on Sunday, November 10, 2013 | 19:55

There are times when you are very bored with the way of presenting that's it, so what? Perhaps you've heard of wrapping techniques. A technique to enjoy the vegetables with some smoked meat pasting, sauce, or other condiments are quite famous in Korea.

The technique seems interesting to try a variation of your menu presentation. But not all vegetables can be used, you know. Did you know some vegetables rich in antioxidant content also can be used to complete the wrapping technique? Let's find out!

1. Lettuce

You may often find it in a menu, such as salads, gado-gado, tofu mixed Lamongan, or that now is the trend in some Korean food restaurant. Yes indeed this sweet vegetables is one vegetable that contains antioxidants, and good to eat. And you can also make it as your food wrappers, some interesting side dishes may be the perfect menu.

2. Collard Green

We know him as a mustard sauce (one of the ingredients Chinese dishes), rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and vitamin E, and carotenoids, chlorophyll, and manganese. not wrong if you choose a menu complement your meal. High fiber is also believed to be one of the vegetables in the mission menu diet. So you are running the diet program can consume the mustard sauce as one variation of the menu.

3. Pak Choy / Chinese Cabbage

Some people call this mustard meat (because the leaves are round and thick bacon), there is a call bak choy, pak choy or pak choi. Whatever the name, type of mustard is very nutritious. Pak Choy is very rich in vitamins A, C and beta-carotene, calcium and rich in fiber content. Are certainly very high in antioxidants and nourishing.

Let's try a new technique for dinner tonight! Healthy, slim and rich in nutrients. Congratulations healthy life.

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